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The PremierChoice Difference

USHEALTH Group and our Family of Companies offers you the ability to buy more coverage if and when you need it without additional underwriting.

Need more coverage? We also provide the ability to purchase our Short-Term Medical‑Surgical Expense plan without additional underwriting with the purchase of Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider.

In other words, Why pay for Coverage Before You Need It?


Buy more coverage, if or when you need it, without additional underwriting!

Long-Term Fixed Rates


We are the only company in America that offers You the ability to LOCK IN YOUR RATES UP TO 15 MONTHS!


Making Smart Choices

Protecting Your Family Now & Later!

Your Choice


Planning for an uncertain future can be challenging. You always want the best choice to take care of Your Family now while being prepared for the unexpected later.



PERSON to PERSON Customer Service, you don't have to talk to a machine!

Dedicated Professional Agents


Professional Agents are here to take care of your needs and design the right plan for you financially and in long term health benefits.

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A Smart Approach to Health Coverage – Now & Later!

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At USHEALTH Group and our Family of Companies, we understand that your health coverage is one of the most important decisions you can make. That is why we have made it our mission to provide innovative health coverage that can be tailored to your individual needs. And the best part is, you can apply any time of year, even outside of open enrollment.

Wonderful Customers Served & Counting!
  • Lock in your rates up to 15 Months
  • No Additional Underwriting
  • Average claim processed in less that 10 calendar days!
  • Dedicated Professional Insurance Agents ready to assist you!

Health Coverage Like No Other*

In the event You need additional protection, the purchase of PremierChoice Specified Disease\Sickness and Accident with the Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider provides You with a one-time right to purchase Our PremierMed Short Term Medical-Surgical Expense without any additional medical underwriting. In Other words, Why pay for Coverage Before You Need It?

The Premier Choice Specified Disease\Sickness and Accident plans pay in addition to any coverage You have in force – even an essential health benefits plan.

First Dollar Benefits! The PremierChoice Specified Disease\Sickness and Accident plans allow You to receive first dollar payments for expenses incurred up to a benefit maximum for covered healthcare services. And with the special doctor office visit “rollover*” feature in each Specified Disease\Sickness and Accident plan, if You don’t use Your benefits, You don’t lose them.

No Calendar Year Deductible to Satisfy! PremierChoice Specified Disease\Sickness and Accident plans supplement an essential health benefits plan under which You must first satisfy a deductible every year before You are eligible to receive benefit payments.

*May not be available in all states.

Pay only for the coverage you need now, buy more coverage only when you need it without additional underwriting!

Our Products

Through our licensed insurance companies, we offer some of the most innovative coverage to our customers.

Health coverage to meet your needs and budget including: Specified Disease\Sickness, Accident, Critical Illness, Life, Dental, Vision and Short Term Medical-Surgical.

Why MedGuard*?

Health coverage provides benefits for medical treatment but doesn’t include benefits for non-medical expenses. Traditional life insurance pays benefits after death. What if You survive a critical illness? Where will You find the financial resources to cover non-medical costs during Your recovery?

If You are diagnosed with a covered condition, MedGuard will pay You a lump-sum cash payment!

You can use the cash for any purpose You deem necessary such as helping to:

  • Protect Your assets from being spent on recovery

  • Replace lost income for You & Your care‑providing spouse

  • Pay Your mortgage or other obligations

  • Offset out-of-pocket or medical expenses not covered by health insurance

  • Pay for experimental treatment

  • Pay COBRA or other insurance premiums

  • Pay home healthcare expenses

  • Pay tuition expenses if You need to return to school

  • Reduce Your debt

  • Maintain Your Family’s lifestyle

  • Pay Your taxes

  • Pay travel and temporary housing expenses for You and Your Family while receiving care away from home

  • Renovate Your home or relocate

  • Pay for childcare

  • Finance or protect Your children’s college tuition

  • Maintain Your business during recovery

*MedGuard is a 5-year renewable term life insurance with an accelerated benefit. Not available in all states. Limitations and exclusions apply.

Accident Protector provides extra coverage to help cover out of pocket expenses related to an accident.

Utilize Accident Protector to provide You with a financial advantage:

  • Provides lump sum payouts if Your Injury is due to an accident and results in a loss.

  • Excess Medical Insurance that helps cover the cost of deductibles, co-pays, and other expenses not covered by insurance.

*Accident Protector is not available in all states. Limitations and exclusions apply.

SecureDental Offers 3 Plans: Preventive Care Benefits include:

Premium Plan* Deductibles: $50 for an Individual; $150 for a Family; Additional Orthodontic Deductible $150 per Insured Covers Preventive Care, Basic Care, Major Care & Orthodontic Care Calendar Year Maximum Per Insured $1,500; Orthodontic Calendar Year Maximum Per Insured $400

Saver Plus Plan* Deductibles: $50 for an Individual; $150 for a Family Covers Preventive Care, Basic Care & Major Care, with Orthodontic Care Services discounted at participating providers. Calendar Year Maximum Per Insured $1,000

Saver Plan* Deductibles: $50 for an Individual; $150 for a Family Covers Preventive Care & Basic Care, with Major Care & Orthodontic Care Services discounted at participating providers. Calendar Year Maximum Per Insured $500

*SecureDental is not available in all states. Limitations, Waiting Periods and Exclusions apply.

LifeProtector is the Right Choice!

Providing peace of mind for Your family is essential. If something unforeseen were to happen to You, would Your family be taken care of financially? With America’s Choice LifeProtector, with a 10 year renewable term life insurance You can help provide the financial security Your family needs and deserves.

LifeProtector is a great option to add to Your portfolio of protection. Pure and Simple

  • Provides protection to help with obligations like mortgage, car payment, childcare or educational expenses and other obligations.

  • Peace of Mind

  • Provides protection in the event of unforeseen death.

  • Not Taxable to Beneficiaries

  • Provides valuable term life insurance benefits that in most instances are free from income tax for the beneficiary.

  • Economical

  • With premium payment options from $10 to $50, all in $5 increments, it’s easy to find an economical solution to Your life insurance needs.

*LifeProtector may not be available in all states. Limitations and exclusions apply.

Nationally Recognized & Award Winning

“We’re proud to have been recognized year after year with some of the most prestigious business awards, the coveted Stevie Awards. Such world-class awards demonstrate an unmistakable truth; that excellence in business doesn’t just happen…it has to be earned.”

Who We Are

Because your health coverage is such a personal decision, we think that our Dedicated Agents are the best way to help you pick the right coverage.

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PremierChoice Disclaimer:

*The PremierChoice Specified Disease\Sickness plans and Accident plans are insurance plans which provide benefits on an expense incurred basis up to a maximum daily/ monthly/ visit/ prescription/ annual amount for covered services and are neither “essential health benefits plans” under the ACA, traditional major medical insurance plans, nor Workers compensation plans under state law. PremierChoice Sickness plans and Accident plans are “excepted benefit plans” under the ACA, and are not considered “minimum essential coverage”.