20 Resolutions for 2020

December 30, 2019 | Abby Caviness

New Year’s resolutions can be a big downer, especially when you choose a goal that causes you to bite off more than you can chew. If you fail to achieve your goal or uphold your resolutions, it can make you feel like a failure. However, if you choose a few smaller goals that are easier to juggle, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you succeed in fulfilling them. Need good ideas? USHEALTH Group® wants to help you find a few simple health goals you can set for yourself for the new year!

Resolution 1: Limit Screen Time

Being on your phone too much can take away from time with your family and friends and decrease your productivity levels greatly. So, this year, resolve to spend less time on your phone, especially when you are around other people.1

Resolutions 2 & 3: Go Grocery Shopping Regularly and Eat a Vegetable With Every Meal

Making sure your fridge is stocked with snacks or food to prepare will keep you from visiting a fast food restaurant on your way home from work. Just schedule time each week to visit your grocery store, and make sure you buy nutritious items!1

Instead of resolving to change your whole diet all at once, vow to incorporate one vegetable into every meal. When you go to the grocery store, be sure to pick up vegetables to balance your diet with healthy additions! Add tomatoes to an omelet for breakfast, have a few slices of cucumber with your sandwich at lunch, and steam some broccoli for dinner! Eating healthier does not always have to be drastic, especially in the beginning. Take it one step at a time!1

Young woman picking back up her hobby of painting as part of her new year's resolutions

Resolution 4: Find a New Hobby

The hobby you choose does not necessarily have to be new—you may just pick back up an old hobby that used to bring you joy. In fact, studies show participating in a hobby will help you live a longer, happier life!1

Resolution 5: Use Healthier Household Products

The cleaning products you choose can impact your health more than you think. This year, choose natural products that are free from harsh and harmful chemicals to keep you and your family safe.1

Resolution 6: Sit Less and Move More

Whether because of your job or because you are binging your favorite show on TV, excessive sitting has been shown to increase your risk of overall mortality. Even doing as little as a 15-minute walk every day or walking five minutes every hour, the increase in activity will better your health tremendously!1

Resolution 7: Clear the Clutter from Your House

The process can be as quick or long as you would like. Maybe pick a room each day and clear it of all its clutter, or maybe you clean out that dreaded “junk drawer” you have always hated!2

Two friends meeting up after a long time. They both made new year's resolutions to reconnect with old friends.

Resolution 8: Reconnect with an Old Friend

Today, reconnecting with old friends and family is easier than ever thanks to social media. So, send a quick message to a friend you have not talked to in a few years and let all the memories flood back!2

Resolution 9: Try Showing Up Earlier to Work

If you are in the habit of showing up to work exactly on time, there can be stress in not having a bit of wiggle room. Being 5-10 minutes early relieves the anxiety of being late and allows you to prepare for a productive day.2

Resolution 10: Eat Less by Snacking More

Snacking throughout the day can improve the way you eat as long as you follow some simple guidelines: snacks should be 150 calories or less, rich in fiber, and you must be truly hungry. You should be mindful of your snacking to ensure everything you put in your body is nourishing. If done right, you will find you actually eat less when you feel like you are eating more!2

Resolution 11: Wash Your Face Every Night Before Bed

Along with drinking lots of water, washing your face before bed will help your skin by ridding it of all the dirt and debris from the day. Washing your face more than that will have the opposite effect, stripping the skin of its natural oils and increasing the skin’s production of oils that cause acne. So, stick with one wash per night and you will be on your way to clearer skin!2

Young woman checking her blood pressure, keeping up with her one of her new year's resolutions to pay better attention to her blood pressure.

Resolution 12: Keep Better Track of Your Blood Pressure

Knowing your blood pressure will help you combat your risk of strokes and heart attacks because you can better manage it. Management tools include diet, exercise, and stress relief. Meaning: eat better, exercise more, and worry less.3

Resolution 13: Eat Less Processed Foods

Processed foods have been linked with a variety of health problems, like weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Cooking more meals at home, with more produce and plant-based proteins, will help you fulfill this resolution!3

Resolution 14: Do Something Outside of Your Comfort Zone

This resolution does not necessarily have anything to do with your health, but you may find the activity you choose to be a great source of joy. Anything you do that makes you truly happy is sure to improve your health and quality of life!4

Resolution 15: Read One Book Each Month

Reading is proven to increase your mental strength and maintain the health of your brain. So, reading one book each month—however long or short you want—will ensure you continue to nourish your brain with knowledge!4

Resolution 16: Floss Your Teeth More Often

Flossing is a task many people forget about or do not take seriously enough. If you vow to floss every day or even every week, you will improve your dental health tremendously and impress your dentist!4

Resolution 17: Take Your Dog on More Walks

Walking your dog is an easy way to get your daily exercise if you are diligent about it. While it gives your canine friend an opportunity to leave the house, the walk will help you stay active every day as well!4

Resolution 18: Drink Water or Green Tea Instead of Coffee

Coffee can be very dehydrating if it is all you are relying on for energy and neglecting your water intake. Additionally, green tea can be great for weight loss and will still give you some caffeine to keep you energized!4

Resolution 19: Keep a Journal

Journaling about your day can help you unpack the stress of the day or give yourself some quiet time before a full day at work. If you need a prompt, start by writing a few things you are thankful for in any given day—the positive outlook should give your mood a boost!4

Resolution 20: Spend More Time with Family

This resolution is as easy as setting aside a few hours each week to enjoy with your family—without distractions! Put away the phone, put your work on the backburner, and be present in the moment. Your relationships and your happiness are sure to grow stronger!4

Cheerful family having fun during their meal at dining table.


Choosing one or two of these resolutions may improve your health more than you think, along with providing you the satisfaction of fulfilling them. Resolutions do not have to be major changes to achieve major results. Sometimes, taking just a little step at a time will provide the greatest outcome.

*This material is provided by USHEALTH Group® for informational/educational purposes only and should not replace medical/clinical advice or direction from your health care provider.

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